Founder and CEO

Founder & CEO ( Mohammad Ali Baki )

Date of Birth 31/12/1982

My All Academic Certificate

Secondary School Certificate ,Science, Dhaka Board, 1997, 1st Class, Ispahani High School.

Higher Secondary Certificate ,Science, Dhaka Board, 1999, 1st Class, Ispahani College.

Bachelor of Science, Nation University, 2001, 2nd Class. Govt. Ispahani College, Dhaka.

Masters of Science, Under National University, 2006, 1st Class, Jagannath University, Dhaka.

In M.Sc. : 52th merit position in hole Bangladesh under national university from (JN. U)

Professional Degree

1. Diploma in computer Science and Engineering, 2001 (Elephant Road, Dhaka.)

    2. Diploma in Graphics Design, 2005 (Bata Signal, Dhaka)

    3. Diploma in Networking, 2006, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (New Horizon, Dhanmondi)

    4. Japanese Language Course 2007 (Elephant Road, Dhaka)

    5. IELTS Course 2008 (Farmget, Dhaka)

    6. Diploma in Computer, 2013 (Azimpur, Dhaka)

    7. Freelancing Course, 2016 (keraniganj, Dhaka)

    8. ICT and Web Design Course 2019 (SR Institute, Dhanmondi)

    9. Diploma in Cost Management 2004 ( ICMAB, Nilkhet, Dhaka)

    10. Diploma in Garments Merchandising. (Internee in Narayanganj, Dhaka)

    Personal information

    My Birth Place: North Ramerkanda (Munshi Bari), Rohitpur, Keraniganj Model, Dhaka-1310.

    My Work Place: Rohitpur Boarding, Beside Govt. Ispahani College, Keraniganj, Dhaka-1310

    Personal Mobile Number: +88 01817-575015, Personal Mail:

    My Computer Training Institute Name is Ali Baki IT (Since-2008 )
    Govt. Approved From 2013. Govt. Reg No : C-146192. Branch Code: 102 , Keraniganj , Dhaka.

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